“Aarambh: The Great Membership Odyssey at Ruia College!”

Ahoy, freshers and seasoned Ruia-ites! Gather around as we spin the yarn of “Aarambh,” the event that turned the first-day college jitters into a membership fiesta faster than you can say “Sign me up!”

The Plot: Operation Membership Magnet

Set in the hallowed corridors of Ramnarain Ruia College, the mission was crystal clear: to magnetize freshers to the Rotaract club faster than a selfie trend. But how, you ask? With the charm of a carnival barker and the strategy of a chess grandmaster, that’s how!

The Prologue: The Brainstorm Brigade

Back in July, when the monsoon was more indecisive than a teenager in a candy store, the directors huddled up. They plotted like masterminds, scribbling on chalkboards and whispering in code. The goal? To make Rotaract the talk of the town (or at least the college).

The Main Event: The Membership Marathon

As August 10th dawned, the Quadrangle and Auditorium turned into a buzzier version of the stock exchange. Desks popped up like mushrooms, each flaunting QR codes so chic, even the trees whispered their approval of the paper-saving savvy.

The Pitch: The Symphony of Persuasion

Our valiant pitchers, Rtr. Saee and Rtr. Aditya, took to the stage with the fervor of a televangelist during prime time. They sang praises of Rotaract so sweet, the Pied Piper would’ve taken notes. The result? A registration rally that saw numbers climb like a viral tweet.

The Encore: Day Two or The Sequel

Come August 14th, the desks were back with a vengeance, this time stretching their influence to the senior and junior college foyers. The Core-BOD was there, all hands on deck, as registrations rained down like confetti at a New Year’s bash.

The Aftermath: The Membership Boom

With 80+ eager beavers signed up and 15+ shiny new Rotaract badges pinned, the club’s roster swelled like a balloon at a birthday party. The students, now informed and inspired, lined up to join with the enthusiasm of folks at a midnight launch of the latest tech gadget.

The Echoes of Praise: The Feedback Fiesta

The kudos came thick and fast, from the Secretary’s nod of approval to the GBM’s gasps of awe. Even the parents perked up their ears, intrigued by this fresh wave of club charisma.

The Cross-Pollination: Committee Comrades Unite!

Aarambh wasn’t just a membership drive; it was a networking nirvana. Committees came together, clinking metaphorical glasses, and sowing seeds for future fests of collaboration.

The Masterminds: The Chairpersons’ Cheer

Standing ovation for Rtr. Aditya and Rtr. Saee, who orchestrated this ensemble with the poise of maestros leading an orchestra. Even Dr. Sangeeta Kamath waved the flag of fandom, as the Teacher-In-Charge couldn’t help but marvel at the unity on display.

The Grand Total: A Scorecard of Smiles

With a budget that would make a minimalist nod in approval (Income: INR 0, Expenditure: INR 0), the real profit was in the people – the sea of new faces ready to ride the Rotaract wave.

So there we have it, “Aarambh” – not just an event, but a movement that swept through Ruia College like a feel-good blockbuster, leaving behind a trail of membership stars and a constellation of collaborative opportunities.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this saga of student shenanigans, and remember, when it comes to making a splash on day one, the Rotaract Club of Ramnarain Ruia College doesn’t just set the bar; they are the bar!

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