“Later” is SO Last Semester: The Procrastination Beatdown

Hey there, future leaders and masters of the snooze button!

Let’s rewind to that one shindig that made us all rethink our love affair with putting stuff off – the “Unravelled: Procrastination” gig at Ramnarain Ruia College’s coolest club, the Rotaract.

Procrastination: Not Just a Fancy Word for Lazy

It was a bright day, perfect for, well… napping. But instead of giving in to the call of our cozy beds, a gang of us decided it was time to face the music. We were tired of being besties with last-minute panic, so we dragged ourselves to Class F8, the battleground against our biggest foe: Procrastination.

Enter Prof. Aditya Jadhav, a dude who knows a thing or two about kicking procrastination’s butt. He’s not just a teacher; he’s like that friend who knows just how to get you moving when you’ve glued yourself to the couch.

What Went Down at Procrastination Central

The clock hit 10 AM, and the room was packed with people who’d usually be lost in YouTube rabbit holes. We were all ears as Prof. Jadhav dished out some real talk about why we keep saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” and how to actually start doing things today.

It wasn’t the kind of lecture where you just sit and zone out. Nah, this was the real deal. We got to chat, ask questions, and actually figure out why we keep putting off our gym plans (among other things).

The Takeaway: We’re Ready to Roll!

Once the dust settled, everyone was buzzing. We were like, “Yeah, we got this!” Even the teachers looked hopeful, probably dreaming about a world where papers are turned in on time.

So big props to the Rotaract Club for this eye-opener. We’re all waiting to see what they’ll unravel next. But hey, no more delays from us. We’re ready to

dive into those to-do lists… right after this one last video, promise! 😜📚

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