“The Great Logo Showdown at Ruia: Brains, Brands, and Bingo!”

Hello, Quizzers, Brand Wizards, and everyone who’s ever mixed up Pepsi and Korean Air’s logos (they’re eerily similar, I swear):

Welcome to the tale of the “Logo Quiz,” a battle of wits and sharp eyes that unfolded in the hallowed halls of Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College Auditorium, where the air buzzed with more excitement than a Black Friday sale at a tech store.

The Mission: Fun, Frolic, and Fierce Competition

They said it was about logos, but let’s be real – it was the Olympics of brand recognition, minus the sweat and plus all the cool college vibes. The aim? To make entrepreneurship development the new cool kid on the block, replacing its ‘boring’ label with a shiny, new ‘whoa, that’s so rad’ tag.

The Planning: More Strategic than a Game of Throne’s Plot

Our valiant Chairpersons, with the zest of children in a candy shop (but with a better budget plan), kicked off the pre-event shenanigans two weeks in advance. It involved clandestine meetings, secret discussions, and perhaps, cloak-and-dagger tactics to decide the flow of the event.

The Teams(A lil too much competition)

Enter our champions: Team Bunty (the underdogs?), Team Champions (no pressure, guys), Team Infinity (to infinity and beyond… the quiz), and Team Excel (spreadsheets not included).

Round One: A Blurry Beginning

The first round was like that morning after a wild night out – everything was a blur. But instead of reaching for aspirin, teams were reaching for answers, shouting “bingo” to guess logos fuzzier than my grandpa’s vision without his glasses.

Round Two: Categories and Chaos

Imagine speed dating, but with logos and less awkward silence. The teams raced against time, sorting logos into their rightful categories, probably feeling like they were defusing a bomb that could explode into a thousand jingles.

Round Three: The 10-Question Tango

Here, the brain cells really got a workout, folks. It was like playing hot potato, but the potato was a brand, and the only lifelines were ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – talk about minimalist art.

Infinity and Beyond: The Winners Take It All

Team Infinity snagged the win, proving that they were either psychic or had really, really good guessing game. Their spoils? Certificates and chocolates, because who needs trophies when you can have cocoa?

The Impact: Brainy Buzz and Brand Frenzy

This wasn’t just a quiz; it was a full-blown extravaganza that turned everyone into brand buffs overnight. It made the Entrepreneurship Development avenue the new Hogwarts – everyone wanted in.

The Feedback: More Glowing than a Neon Sign

Feedback forms rolled out like red carpets, and the crowd loved round two. Who knew sorting could give you an adrenaline rush? It was like finding out your ho-hum neighbor is actually a secret agent.

The Money Talk: A Budget So Balanced, Accountants Wept

Income: Zero. Expenditure: Zero. Profit: Priceless (and also zero). It’s like they say, the best things in life are free – and apparently, the best quizzes too.

Who Came to Party: The Attendance Affair

Twenty-five home club attendees, one ambassadorial appearance, and eight guests – it was like the VIP section of a concert, only the celebrities were the club members and the performances were brain-teasing rounds of logo lore.

So there you have it, folks – the Logo Quiz at Ruia was more than just a test of knowledge; it was a testament to the fun, fierce competition that makes us adore the world of brands.

Until next time, keep your eyes peeled for logos – you never know when your next quiz battle will commence!

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