Get Book’ed: Inspiring a Love for Reading and Giving Back

Team Editorial from The Rotaract Club of Ramnarain Ruia College recently organized a two-day event, ‘Get Book’ed,’ held at the esteemed Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College Auditorium in Matunga East. This initiative, driven by a passion for promoting reading, literacy, and education, aimed to create a platform where individuals could explore new genres, discover exciting books, and connect with authors.

The primary objectives of ‘Get Book’ed’ were multi-faceted. It sought to encourage a love for reading and learning, foster a sense of community and shared interests, and promote sustainability by advocating for the reuse and recycling of books. The event also focused on encouraging social interaction and networking, all while promoting social responsibility and empathy through book donations for the community.

The event was meticulously planned a month in advance, and enthusiastic members of the Rotaract Club volunteered to ensure its smooth execution. Necessary permissions were obtained, and a comprehensive PR strategy was implemented to raise awareness about the event. The core members of the club were deeply invested, even contributing their own books to support the cause.

Day one of the event commenced with the collaring of the President, setting the stage for a bustling day filled with engaging discussions on reading and Rotaract. The “book exchange” was a central highlight, where attendees could trade a book for another—a concept that resonated strongly with book enthusiasts. The positive response was overwhelming, with 103 book exchanges, 20 book donations, and over 100 registrations, demonstrating the effectiveness of the project.

Building on this success, day two witnessed an even more significant turnout, with attendees bringing friends and colleagues, resulting in a total of 203 book exchanges, 50+ book donations, and 250 registrations. The event left a lasting impact, converting non-readers into book enthusiasts and becoming the talk of the college.

Participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be part of an event that promotes reading in the digital age. The voluntary book donation initiative, in collaboration with the community service director, successfully assisted those in need, showcasing the project’s dual positive impact.

The success of ‘Get Book’ed’ could not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of Siya Merala and Tanisha Wategaonkar, the project’s chairpersons. Their innovative approach, combined with the support of enthusiastic volunteers, made this project a resounding success.

In the words of Mrs. Kavita Jadhav, HOD English at Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, “I have rarely seen such a project happen in our college before that promotes reading and donations simultaneously. This was an amazing initiative by the Rotaract Club.”

‘Get Book’ed’ stands as a testament to the power of collective effort, fostering a love for reading while making a positive difference in the community. This remarkable initiative sets a precedent for future projects and endeavors, inspiring us all to embrace the joy of reading and the spirit of giving.

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